Personas & User Journeys

Sample 1

PROJECT GOAL: Help my client to get a good understanding of how a large scale redesign of their partner portal website could best serve their global network of partners as well as the client’s internal sales and marketing departments.

MY ROLE: Set up and conduct a series of face to face and telephone interviews with 18 project contributors from the UK, Spain, Greece, Holland and North America.

PROCESS: The findings from these interviews were then coverted into a detailed report including the creation of 6 personas (representing the main audience types) with key user journies.

HIGHLIGHTS: The creation of a set of international personas with key journeys that also incorporated cultural characteristics was a very interesting excercise bringing my skills and experience of this element of user centred design to the next level.

Sample 2

PROJECT GOAL:  Prepare for the redesign of an ecommerce portal that allows customers to set up, market and sell from  their own branded online shop.

MY ROLE: Based on meetings with the end client and agency stakeholders I created a number of personas and their individual journeys based on the target audience groups identified. I was able to create an acquisition focused website content plan and sitemap which then lead me naturally into the wireframing stage.